We have been growing and hybridizing daylilies at our farm in upstate New York for over 20 years and have now registered over 100 plants with the American Hemerocallis Society.  

The joy of seeing our new seedlings bloom for the first time, flowers that we had a hand in creating, is a remarkable feeling. 

This website showcases our introductions.  If you come to the garden you will see that we offer registered daylilies from other hybridizers - northern hardy plants that we hold in high regard.  We are open to the public weekends in July and August and weekdays by appointment.  We encourage you to come and spend some time in our garden.

Our plants are field grown using organic methods.  We are licensed and inspected by the New York Department of Agriculture and Markets.


Some of our introductions.jpg

About Daylilies

Daylilies have been called the "perfect perennial" because of their beauty, hardiness and tolerance for a wide range of growing conditions.  

Each flower on a daylily scape blooms for only one day but each scape has many buds and each mature plant has many scapes so that plants may flower for several weeks- everyday producing fresh new flowers.