Four and Twenty Blackbirds

Four and Twenty Blackbirds


(Barnes, C&M 2018) Height 47”; mid-season; 6” flowers; semi-evergreen; diploid.

Dancing With Lulu X Black Ice

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In the nursery rhyme "Sing A Song of Sixpence" the blackbirds were baked in a pie. If that sounds cruel, know that "when the pie was opened the birds began to sing". Apparently they survived the ordeal and went on to become quite famous.

A mature clump of FOUR AND TWENTY BLACKBIRDS actually resembles a tree full of blackbirds. The flowers are a dark maroon-black with a chartreuse throat. A pinched crispate form, the petals pinch and the sepals twist, giving the blossoms the appearance of just taking off from their branches.

20 buds are perched on tall, sturdy scapes with 3 and 4 way branching.